Every body has a reason to get healthy. It’s called January

There’s nothing more refreshing then slam-dunking people who ask you what your 2019 aims / goals / resolutions are by telling them you don’t have any. They tend to look at you, head tilted with confusion, trying to work out how you’ve managed to escape the mandatory ‘new year, new you’ mantra.

The truth is I’m happy. I’m so content that I could barely find the words to articulate myself to friends recently (probably because the term’s been so far from my vocabulary since my student days).

OK. So, I wouldn’t say no to becoming fitter, getting a buzz out of eating vegetables and learning new skills. But, I’m not going to upset myself trying to achieve these things either.

Instead, I’m going to find ways to naturally weave them into the activities that genuinely make me smile so they organically become part of me – the things I want to do.

And that’s the exact direction I feel WW (Weight Watchers is so 2018) is headed with its latest campaign: For Every Body.

Launched at the tail end of last year and supported by Oprah and Robbie Williams, it highlights that everyone has a reason to want to be healthier. But, its campaign doesn’t labour on food (or lack of). Instead, it celebrates health and wellness; recognising that these positive habits are what enable people to be the best version of themselves.




The campaign video is upbeat, fast paced and a showcase of everyday people’s accomplishments – occasionally highlighting the amount of weight lost by an individual. But WW is also careful not to define them by this.


It’s not about what they’ve done; it’s about what they can do as a result of their new lifestyle – in homage to the approachable and inclusive #ThisGirlCan movement.

Using Robbie as a brand ambassador is a smart move. Not only does it enable WW to capitalise on his 2.59m Twitter followers (which has helped the campaign video he posted on Boxing Day generate over 34,000 views), but also helps to change people’s perceptions of what WW is all about.

Robbie is a maverick. He doesn’t play by the rules and you certainly can’t imagine him counting calories and dieting. It’s just not the lifestyle rock stars were made for. But, he does bring a lot of energy to the campaign and is a great role model and advocate for positive mental health, encouraging people to take the next step.

As part of the brand’s refresh, there’s no more ‘sign up’ or ‘join now’ language on WW’s website. Users are urged to ‘Commit to change like Robbie’ where they can find out how they fit into this global community. Small and subtle changes, but inspiring none-the-less.

This is starting to sound like an organisation I can get on board with.

It’ll be interesting to see how the results translate into genuine, long-term sign ups. After all, however much a company wants to make an impact on the population’s wellness, it can’t operate without subscription fees.

At the moment, WW UK’s marketing emphasis has been on securing TV advertising spots for the campaign – notably within ITV’s showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens last week and its ambassadors’ online endorsements. WW UK’s Twitter channel has generated fewer than 2,000 video views, which is less than 10x the success of its US counterpart (which isn’t in proportion to its follower count).

So sustaining momentum is vital for the brand to remain relevant. This is easy to achieve in January with transformational success stories and quick win nutritional advice at a time when people need motivation to step away from the leftovers. And, as the ultimate authority on healthy eating, it instantly carries a lot of credibility.

But, it’s the campaign’s holistic wellness approach that will turn heads post January: tempting people like me, living without goals, to make empowering lifestyle tweaks to live well, indefinitely.

Here’s to a great 2019!

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