Why we’re not ‘dog’ tired of the emoji trend just yet

What can I say? I aspire to run my own business, buy a house and have a bulldog (or two).

I just find them adorable. And with the return of Eastenders’ Lady Di this week, I was like a kid at Christmas watching my favourite soap.

Eastenders' Lady Di is back 

So, to read that the Dogs Trust has launched its own range of canine emoji for smartphones- featuring the 23 most popular breeds – was fantastic. A great marketing move.

With the rise of emoji dominating the way we communicate, at Prime Time we’ve previously identified the brands standing out. Think Chevrolet‘s emoji press release and Domino’s new ordering system. 

But, what I like about the Dogs Trust venture is that there’s a story behind its entry into the emoji market – each dog is based on a real-life pooch at one of the charity’s re-homing centres. 

So, not only can you add a ‘doggy’ dimension to your messages, but you can also get to know potential dogs which are still looking for a good home. 

But, this campaign isn’t just an avenue for the brand to break into people’s social media conversations, it’s also transforming it into a content creator

Launching on National Dog Day (a match-made in heaven), it was only natural the story was picked up by the likes of ITV News, STV Glasgow and ShortList.

It’ll be interesting to see how the charity develops this campaign, and plays on it to connect potential owners with dogs, leaving me with the following questions: 

  • Will there be subsequent ‘diversity’ updates? 
  • What data can the Dogs Trust extract from downloads and how will it be leveraged? 
  • And, most importantly, will it change people’s behaviour and generate a rise in adoptions?  

Dogs Trust emoji board 

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