Virgin’s new competition is out of this world


Just days after the world said goodbye to modest hero Neil Armstrong, Virgin Atlantic has announced its latest ‘out of this world’ competition campaign which will see one frequent flyer a win a trip to space.

Mission Galatic‘ will reward the user with the most ‘elevate’ points with a trip on Virgin’s sub-orbital space flight. Points can be collected each time a customer books a trip on all three Virgin airlines: America, Atlantic and Australia between now and next August.

This is a great PR campaign that will generate lots of attention around the world, because it allows everyone to get involved in a piece of history. With live video coverage to be captured from the ‘space craft’ and post-event interviews and case studies of the winner, Virgin is feeding journalists with a real story. What’s more, the winner will benefit from a lot of PR exposure by association too. Win-win.

But, a small step for Virgin is a giant leap for me. This could be the first competition I’ve come across that I wouldn’t want to win. Frightening is not the word. After all, who hasn’t seen Apollo 13?

Can a holiday which doesn’t give you the opportunity to purchase a postcard really be considered a holiday? Ok, the prize has a cash value of £128,000 but it’s clearly not me Virgin is targeting; it’s business class members that travel all over the world, and often. And, I’m sure anywhere with ample leg room is enough to get them to register.

Would you want to travel in Virgin’s space craft?

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