Turn that frown upside down

Marketing magazine’s Nicola Clark raises an important point in this week’s issue – brands must be more upbeat in their communications.

The recession’s never done anyone any good, and brands that continue to draw upon the downturn in marketing materials are boring. Don’t get me wrong – it was a good news hook which everyone could relate to at first, but even I get tired reading and writing the same lines about the “…the continued effects of the economic downturn”. Yes – some products or services might save your customers money, but consumers have scrimped and saved for long enough. We’re ready to spend and 2012 is the year to do it.

We’ve embraced 2012 as the most patriotic of years, celebrating all things British. Last month, you couldn’t logon, open the paper or wait at a station without being teased by brands re-designing their packs with the Union Flag or whispering witty slogans into your ear in honour of the Jubilee. As brands get positively creative so has consumers’ confidence in the economy, according to market research agency GfK.

The climate isn’t easy (here I go again) but positive messaging focusing on an optimistic future will go a long way in helping brands develop a better rapport with customers. It may also contribute to re-building the bridge of trust that some of Britain’s biggest institutions – Lloyds TSB for one – have recently destroyed.

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