Time To Talk Day: 3 brand campaigns that shout the loudest

It’s Time To Talk Day, a movement that shines a spotlight on the benefits of talking openly about mental health – and it’s never been more relevant.

It arrives just days after The Prince’s Trust launched its annual Youth Index report that revealed that young people’s happiness and confidence are at their lowest levels since the series began nine years ago, with one in four 16 to 25 year-olds feeling trapped and not in control of their lives.

Working within the youth charity’s digital marketing team, it’s a project that I’m proud to see my colleagues get behind and come up with creative ways to not only secure the headlines, but also communicate the positive success stories of how young people have found ways not to be defined by their past. But, rather, ‘owning’ their future with our support.

This year we worked with Hand Coded Studio to launch The Trust’s first ever Youth Index ‘Buzzfeed’ style quiz (it features emojis so I obviously signed it off right away) to engage young people to get beneath the statistics by answering questions about their current attitudes to their life and work. But, as this is part of our organisation’s everyday thought leadership exercise, what’s been even better is seeing multiple companies embrace this topic to inspire a culture shift in the way we approach positive wellbeing this ‘#FinallyFebruary‘ day.

Here’s a round-up of three of the best stand out #TimeToTalk campaign marketing highlights. Did you clock them?

PG tips (Cheap and cheerful, but effective)

The family tea brand has taken its iconic red and green brand colours to create an image of two mugs together (with the handles creating a heart ), while encouraging people to ‘pop the kettle on’ and ‘invite someone for a cuppa’ to start changing lives.

Simple, honest and true, it’s a credible (not to mention cost-effective) marketing opportunity for a brand synonymous with taking a step back, breathing in and talking things through. Bravo!

PG tips gets people talking

Everyman Cinema (CSR was never meant to be easy)

The Everyman brand knows how to do good cinema. It’s an experience from start to finish and not just because there’s no popcorn rolling around on the floor, sticky carpets and a talkative teenager on the back row.

So, it was a surprise to read that the Islington branch has taken the decision not to screen any films today, opting people to come into the cinema to talk instead. It’s a bold statement for any company to not do the one thing it’s known to be good at. I hope it has a positive impact across the chain (both internally and externally), motivating them to do more stunts in this space. A highly commendable effort!

Everyman Cinema bans movies

Lloyds Bank TV advert (Probably impossible without the support of Channel 4)

Featuring celebrity ambassadors (Professor Green, Alex Brooker and Rachel Riley to name a few), staff and members of the public playing ‘Who Am I?’, it’s no coincidence that this raw Diversity in Advertising award-winning advert (which complements the banking brand’s ‘By Your Side’ slogan) debuts on ‘Time to Talk’ Day, exploring the misconceptions of non-visible disabilities.

The campaign, which runs across the All 4 portfolio from this evening, is a stark reminder that everyone is affected (directly or indirectly) by mental health and that we all need to be comfortable and capable of maturely talking about these subjects if we’re going to lift others up. Well executed by Adam & Eve/DDB.

How do these tweets, adverts and stunts make you feel? Look around and see what your favourite brands are doing to put you first today.

If you spot some more examples, tweet me at @dmhwhite.

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