The billboard bonanza edition

With digital gaining new ground every day, it’s easy to be consumed by the likes of Instagram campaigns and charity apps

But, sometimes it pays to go back to basics – and billboards never disappoint.

Last week Carlsberg got people talking (and drinking) by announcing it was giving away free beer through an advert on Brick Lane. 

Probably the best poster in the worldOffering free lager from a tap sitting under the brand’s slogan, crowds gathered in the sun for swift half under the watchful eye of security. 

Who said advertising had to be boring (and two dimensional)? 

Hot off the heels of ‘probably the best poster in the world’, here’s a round up of some of my favourite campaigns from this year:

Let it go, let it go

Birds Eye created a frozen billboard with money trapped inside to push its latest campaign iFreeze iSave to promote the benefits of buying frozen. 

Taking over a month to freeze four tonnes of ice, it encapsulated £700 – the total the average family wastes by throwing food away. Although, it’s not known if it the money was set to be used as part of a giveaway or charity act to round the stunt off.  Birds Eye's frozen billboardI’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking 

Coca-Cola unveiled one of the first drinkable billboards in the US last week, at a basketball tournament in Indianapolis. 

Giving people a chance to see what Coke Zero actually tastes like, the brand’s drinkable campaign was accompanied with coupons, drinkable flyers and even a concert to raise the brand’s profile.

Coke Zero anyone?Look at me, look at me 

Women’s Aid used a billboard in Canary Wharf to showcase an image of a woman with a bruised face that changed when people walk by.

Using facial recognition technology to ping into action whenever people were taking notice, it was one of the first times an advert has been used to change its creative message. And, launching on International Women’s Day, this ‘show stopper’, raising awareness of domestic violence, was sure to get noticed – giving the charity a real coup. 

Women's Aid wanted attentionThis is how we do it in London, London

Earlier this year a campaign called London is Changing used billboard space to re-tell stories of people who are affected by the rising costs of the capital ie everyone

A collaboration by Central Saint Martins and Outdoor Plus, the space provided an outlet for people to be honest with how the economy is impacting them both financially and emotionally. 

It worked because the quotes made it easy for commuters to connect with these touching individual stories that we all know too well. 

These billboards opened up a dialougeHave you seen any brilliant billboards recently? Snap a picture and tweet me at @dmhwhite to be included in the sequel.

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