Every body has a reason to get healthy. It’s called January

There’s nothing more refreshing then slam-dunking people who ask you what your 2019 aims / goals / resolutions are by telling them you don’t have any. They tend to look at you, head tilted with confusion, trying to work out how you’ve managed to escape the mandatory ‘new year, new you’ mantra. The truth is […]

Sodo runs full steam ahead with its latest campaign

I know takeaway pizza doesn’t deliver the same authentic taste of Italy that I was lucky enough to enjoy last year, but it doesn’t stop me sometimes devouring a slice (or six – #NoJudgement).  But, am I the only one who experiences guilty feelings when ordering? I scrutinise the calories, opt for low-fat cheese and […]

Call the ‘Ambu-lunch’

Over the past month I’ve been working on something quite unusual – transforming an ambulance into an ‘Ambu-lunch’.
 As part of Unilever Food Solutions’ latest campaign to drive the message home that chefs have the power to transform the health of the nation – by reducing the value of their dishes by just 24 calories […]