Sodo runs full steam ahead with its latest campaign

I know takeaway pizza doesn’t deliver the same authentic taste of Italy that I was lucky enough to enjoy last year, but it doesn’t stop me sometimes devouring a slice (or six – #NoJudgement). 

But, am I the only one who experiences guilty feelings when ordering? I scrutinise the calories, opt for low-fat cheese and order gluten-free bases where possible. Yet, thanks an initiative by a London pizza place, I’m now going to feel bad no matter what I order. 

Sodo has teamed up with a local running club which sees runners deliver pizzas to customers on foot. 

To eliminate the eco-friendly business’ carbon footprint, of course!

Ok… what else? 
Originally a one-off fundraising challenge, Sodo has decided to extend its success by re-launching it as a monthly event. 

Runners are captured on camera so customers can track their deliveries on Periscope – and even throw in some useful directions along the way. 

Who else knows about this? 
Sodo piloted this last year but, since building on the idea, the restaurant’s generated ripples of PR and media industry chatter

Is that all? 
From what Prime Time can gather, yes. But, we think this idea has so much potential, we’ve made some suggestions on how Sodo could carb-load off the back of this marketing magic even further. 

On your marks, get set, deliver:  

  • For business: Encourage customers to burn off any excess calories by ‘running’ the recyclable pizza box back to the restaurant within 24 hours for a money-off voucher. This will continue the brand’s sustainable ethos and create a loyal customer base.   
  • For PR: Sell-in a story based on the number of miles that need to be run to burn off an average Sodo pizza, and team with an influential nutritionist or personal trainer who can blog on ways diners can ‘takeaway’ the calories they consume. For extra kudos, invite a lifestyle journalist to do a shift so they can see what it’s really like. Or, work with a familiar heavyweight sports brand such as Adidas, which may be willing to sponsor the running team to bolster your marketing efforts.  
  • For social media: Pit customers against one another by encouraging them to share their orders online – with a bespoke campaign hashtag – to spread the word. The tweets or Instagrams with the most shares could either earn their runner a head start (against a ‘rival’ diner) so they enjoy their dinner quicker. Or, the customer who generates the most shares in a set time period could benefit from the restaurant making a donation to a charity of their choice. Either route will maximise opportunities for the brand to extend its reach, while leveraging its existing online community. 

What next? 
Executed in the right way, there’s a chance for this campaign to become more than just an attention-grabbing stunt and attempt to change consumers’ behaviour for the better. 

Try it out for yourself > 

Sodo Pizza runs full steam ahead with latest campaign 

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