Smirnoff embraces the spirit of same sex marriage


I assumed some smart brands would try and make a story out of the US Supreme Court considering legalising same sex marriages this week, but I didn’t expect vodka to be crossing the inner circle.

Absolut and Smirnoff have shown their support by posting bespoke images across their social media channels, and Diageo’s Smirnoff did it incredibly well.

Showing different drink pairings, it runs the slogan ‘every pairing is perfect’. Quite simply, it’s smart, sophisticated and brand-led. I’m not offended or left wondering why my favourite vodka is even getting involved in this equality issue. Instead, I feel thirsty. Exactly what they want me to think.

In less than a day it’s generated almost 6,000 Facebook ‘likes’ and the number’s growing.

Other companies, such as Starbucks and Amazon, are trying to jump on the bandwagon and do their thing, but I doubt they’ll come close to this stunt.

Is your favourite drink making a stand?




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