SAS please someone help me, litter’s not healthy!

SAS uses tattoos to help reduce litter

Sometimes, but not often, I write a blog full of praise for a company’s PR and marketing activity. Think Clean & Clear, Usher vs Cheerios and My Burberry to name a few.

If you’ve been following Prime Time you’ll know that I like tattoos. So, when Charity Digital News highlighted that Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is campaigning to encourage people to stop littering our beaches – by teaming up with tattoo artist Nick the Tailor – I was intrigued.

Inspired by traditional maritime tattoos, Nick has created a series of designs to raise awareness of the rubbish that spoils and damages the coastline.

The pictures are being promoted via the charity’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and, for good measure, they’ve thrown in a range of temporary tattoos (jumping on the rise of the Picattoo concept no doubt.)

So, why does this campaign get my tick of approval? There’s no uncertainty about it – surfing is cool.

Growing up in the Westcountry, surf culture was a firm part of my childhood (well, I body-boarded, but I’m still awesome). So, for a charity which is passionate about preserving our beaches, it’s executed this campaign brilliantly.

Like Kellogg’s tie up with Anya Hindmarch at the end of last year, it followed a watertight ‘problem – solution’ formula for campaign success:

ProblemRecorded litter on UK beaches was at its highest level in 2014, with 2,457 pieces found for each kilometre of coast surveyed by SAS. The removal of this extent of litter costs local authorities £18 million a year.

SolutionAim to reduce UK beach litter by 50% by 2020 by engaging with communities, corporates and government to tackle the crisis  

Method: Employing a prestigious creative agency; working with a credible artist; using a report to improve thought-leadership and provide a newshook; and leveraging social media channels to disseminate the message. 

It couldn’t be simpler. Oh, and employing ‘easy on the eye’ surfing legends to model the tattoos doesn’t hurt either. 

What do you think? Has it made you think twice?

SAS uses tattoos to help reduce litter 

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