Oh My Vlog! This new YouTuber mag could actually work

Show me an article on how to grow my Instagram followers and I’ll read it – and it looks like there’s a new publication in town that’ll help me to achieve my goals. 

Oh My Vlog!
If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best, and Egmont Publishing is packaging up the most successful vloggers in one-off magazine Oh My Vlog!

 Zoella features in new vlogger mag 

YouTube sensation Zoella – who last year hit the headlines for not writing her own book – graces the issue’s front cover with her brother Joe

With thousands of channel subscribers between them, the publisher is hoping to tempt teens with quizzes, competitions and interviews – and it’ll probably work. Here’s why: 

Aspirational audience 
Generation Z – clearly the magazine’s target audience – are ambitious and aspirational. Plus, they know they can tick everything off their ‘to do’ list without leaving their bedrooms – much like popular YouTubers. So, by flaunting their success page after page, they’re feeding their desires.

Online, offline. What’s the difference? 
When you’re a fan of something, you want to consume it around the clock. Alfie Deyes and Taylor Oakley may have made their bread and butter through YouTube, but there’s just as much fruit for them outside of the Internet. 

Zoella’s already proved that with her Superdrug beauty range. So, if people will go out of their way to smell like her, then they’re just as likely to want to pick a magazine off the shelf for her. It’s just some innocent bedtime reading when a teen’s phone is out of juice.

A never ending pool of content 
Although this is a pilot, if it works there’ll be plenty of content for Egmont to work with. Why? Because part of a vlogger’s appeal is that their whole lives are on show. And, with years of memories to draw upon, it’s a magazine series that could go on and on and on.

Time will tell if Oh My Vlog! makes the next level, and if it’ll have a lasting impact on YouTubers’ success. But, if it can help break new people onto the circuit, it’ll be a great opportunity for brands and PRs to capitalise on. 

Unsurprisingly, the launch has been met with a lot of criticism, but it won’t stand up for long. 

As long as young people have buying power (i.e. pocket money), they’ll be engaging with, and investing in, YouTubers across all channels.

Oh My Vlog! hits the shelves  

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