If I ruled the company…

If you haven’t already noticed I’m pretty opinionated. But, in my defence, which hard-nosed PR and marketing blogger isn’t? 

We’re just a couple of weeks into 2017 and I’ve already caught myself using the phrase, ‘It’s not how I’d run my company’ – an easy statement to make when you’re not in charge of very tight budgets and vocal employees.  

But I still think it’s important to humour myself, believing that I do know what I’m talking about when it comes to business management. Care to join me? 

Here’s a round up of ‘ooh-er’ initiatives I’ve spotted savvy media agencies adopt in an attempt to recruit and retain talent. 

Goodbye Skint January
I’ll forgive Ready10 for using the colloquial term ‘skint’, (I prefer the classier quip ‘broke’) for proving it listens to staff and giving them the option to be paid twice in the New Year, to make up for an early payday in the run up to Christmas. 

Supported with money management advice and guidance during the festive season, this genuinely helpful ‘staff-first’ approach is just one way the agency stands out for the right reasons.

Golin B&B
Recognising that the cost of living in London creates a massive barrier for young people crafting a career for themselves in the capital, Golin‘s giving its next cohort of interns a break by footing their accommodation bill for the first month.

Accompanied with 0% loans for their initial rent and deposits, as well as reimbursing interview travel costs, this ethical approach goes a long way in levelling the playing field for all graduates. 

Go Growbot!
Digital agency Spongecell has begun using Growbot, a tool which monitors online conversations between colleagues and identifies praise based on predetermined keywords. If it spots an example used in a group chat, it’ll reinforce the compliment with a cheeky one-liner such as ‘You’re kind of a big deal @Donna’. (Aww shucks)

Aiming to deliver positive feedback in real-time, it seeks to motivate staff and, as a result, encourages people to give praise as much as get it by taking it out of the private inbox and into the public office. 

These are just a few ways that London agencies are making a difference to staff. But, you don’t need endless pots of money to get employees’ attention. 

After all, people just want to feel listened to, valued and inspired.


Here’s a few classic company perks:  

  • Flexible holiday allowance
  • Showcase sporting events  
  • Duvet days and birthdays off
  • Buddy system for new starters 
  • Middle management leadership programme   
  • Friday afternoon fizz 

That’s not to say creativity is dead. It’s very much alive in the form of Perkbox – a company dedicated to offering personalised benefits to subscribers via its website – proving there’s a healthy appetite (if not for PR’s sake alone) for original ways to reward staff.

What would your dream perk be? 

One thought on “If I ruled the company…

  1. I’d definitely work for your company Donna! Other great perks I think are giving employees free subscriptions to apps like Headspace or to websites like Lynda.com where they can enhance their learning. My dream perks…unlimited vacation time and being allowed to work from home when you want/need to. All about flexibility!

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