Gü’s #GetSingle campaign has a technical melt down

Holidays, days out and dinners are fantastic experiences… unless it’s just for one person.

In fact, the only thing I can get away with solo, without fear of being judged, are taxis. Even then, it’s good to have a quick chat with the driver.

It’s not that I’m afraid of being surrounded by couples, I just get (easily) annoyed that they dictate life for the rest of us.

I know what you’re thinking. I had this chat on Valentine’s Day 2013, 14 and was almost too cynical to write 15’s.

But, someone has to support singleness. So, for now, it’s my freelance project. 

Fortunately, I’m not the only one who recognises that ‘for one’ doesn’t have to be as depressing a phrase as it sounds. Thanks Gü Puds!

It’s celebrating solo diners to promote its latest single serve dessert pack – and has launched an advertising campaign showcasing the benefits of eating alone. In essence, Gü is worth breaking up for.

With tongue-in-cheek one liners featuring on its advertising – set to be rolled out OOH and on social media –  Gü is using this to drive traffic back to its website, attracting new and existing customers with competitions, videos and product information.

Using the hashtag #GetSingle, it’ll also use this to drive conversations across its Twitter and Facebook profiles. What’s more, the hashtag isn’t currently being used by any brands on Twitter, giving Gü the perfect opportunity to take ownership.

Gü's new #GetSingle campaign

But, is Gü making the most of this opportunity?

I’ve been nice so far because I think it’s a creative brand with a lot of potential. It’s the ‘Innocent‘ of luxurious desserts. But, for hours while researching the blog, I wasn’t able to log onto the brand’s microsite.

So, there’s a lot of work to be done to make this campaign stand out from the crowd. Here are my top social media tips:

Don’t PR until you’re ready 
I stumbled across the campaign on The Drum‘s website as part of my daily PR peruse and instantly Googled to find out more. When Gü’s website came up with an error, I tried again, and again and again. Nothing. So, I looked for them on social media instead. Brilliant, I’ll try this microsite link instead. Nothing. [Until 4pm on Tuesday 9th June.]

PR is all brands want and talk about. But, the golden rule is not to let others to talk about you, until you’re confident your marketing is up to scratch and can handle demand.

If you can’t handle it, don’t ignore the issue hoping people will go away. Say you’re sorry and explain what you’re trying to do to solve the issue.

Social media MOT 
If you’re using a hashtag to promote your campaigns, ensure that your Twitter profile has been through a social MOT. This includes: regular and varied posts; updates and interactions; you’re following a good range of influencers ahead of the launch; and have prepared strong visual content to bring the campaign to life.

Looking at Gü Puds Twitter account, there’s some tumbleweed on there and, even when I brush that out of the way, it’s not a very dynamic account. It’s not asking questions, nor making the most of weekly trending hashtags (let alone its own one) – all of which are quick wins. Mouth-watering desserts shots will only get you so far here.

Facebook isn’t much better, despite its mammoth following in comparison. Just one link to a YouTube video which was posted at 7am.

Is this the best time to post for its online community? I’m not even sure.

Don’t give people too much work to do 
Given that the Gü campaign is being rolled out on Facebook, it would’ve made sense to embed the video onto the platform, rather than simply posting a link to YouTube for a 15-video. I would also have liked to have seen it post the video on Instagram to boost awareness.

All in all, I think this is a great campaign concept because it’s relatable, not to mention sticking up for ‘my kind’. But, has it fallen flat too early because of technical issues?

It is possible to bounce back, but Gü will need to give one-on-one attention to its followers to encourage them to watch the videos, enter the competition and join the conversation again – as most people don’t like to be asked to do things twice.

Hopefully, with multiple media touch points, it’ll be an easier ask as people will be more aware of, and interested in, the campaign.

Do you think Gü is good enough to succeed?

Has Gü had a meltdown?

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