GoRaff opens new doors for charities 

Have you heard of GoRaff? No, I hadn’t either until I was alerted that Nev Schulman, presenter of MTV’s Catfishis auctioning off his chest hair to raise money for charity using the site.

Having binged on Catfish episodes for the last few months, I was intrigued to find out how GoRaff – a crowd marketing platform which raises awareness and cash for charities using celebrities, brands and prizes – has recruited Nev to support Leave Out Violence.

First impressions 
A quick check shows that the concept is very new. GoRaff has just 108 Twitter followers and 251 on Facebook, so I tried to manage my expectations for the website.

When I clicked onto the homepage I saw three competitions on the front page carousel, but two had already closed. So, I opted to read about the winners’ experiences instead. But, I was taken through to the generic campaign page again – opposed to a blog that I was expecting. Hmmm. 

So, with #Nev4Love as the site’s only ‘live’ prize, I had no other option but to explore.

Visiting the site, I’m presented with a YouTube video explaining how the competition works (donate $10 or more), what I can win (behind the scenes tour trip to New York and a meet and greet) and information about the charity I’m supporting (stopping domestic violence). 

It’s quick, clear and easy to digest. And, more importantly, it makes the process seem simple.

What’s clever about this idea is that there are plenty of opportunities for fans to get involved. So, while $10 automatically enters you into the raffle, for $50 you will receive an autographed copy of Nev’s book; $100 will get you a personalised handwritten note; $500 will get you a 15min Skype chat; and $20,000 will buy you his infamous chest hair. Is that enough for you?

Sharing is caring
What’s more, by sharing your donation on your social media channels, to encourage others to sign up, you’re given extra chances to win. 

Of course, the small print does claim that you can enter these competitions for free. But, as the entire movement is pegged on connecting with the prize giver – the celebrity – fans want to be seen to be ‘doing good’.

Overall, I’m impressed by the site’s refreshing approach to individual giving. Through past competition successes GoRaff has developed a ready-made community, giving charities a full audience to engage with.

But, to bring the donations in, and maximise this integrated PR, marketing and digital opportunity, charities must use A-class brands. And it seems like GoRaff needs more competitions to continue to make its site fresh and relevant.

With this in mind, I wonder which UK organisation will take the first step and experiment? Perhaps Surfers Against Sewage, CLIC Sargent or Movember will fly the flag next and reap the benefits. 

What do you think?

 GoRaff teams up with Catfish presenter Nev 

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