Getting a tattoo? It’ll take an Insta(gram)

img_00042015 is a big year for me. It’s the year I finally stop talking about getting a tattoo and just get inked.

Even Santa was sick of me talking about it because a business card for an ink shop was wrapped neatly in my Christmas stocking. Since then I’ve bagged myself a designer and am pleased as punch with my bracelet design. But, now there’s nothing stopping me from booking my first consultation, doubts have begun to creep in.

  • Am I ready for this?
  • Will I really love my tattoo in 5, 10 or 20 years time?
  • Will my mum still respect me?

If you’re like me, and also having second thoughts, perhaps it’s time we explore an alternative option. It’s time to try Picattoo.

Not heard of it? This new service is offering Instagram users the chance to create temporary tattoo transfers (tongue-twister alert) from their favourite images. Set up by photography company Ink361, the start-up is offering 12 tattoos for just £9.99 that, once applied, will last for up to one week.

So now individuals, businesses and brands’ favourite Mayfair, Hudson or Valencia-themed masterpieces can come to life, giving them the chance to engage with others outside of the app in a new way.

It’s a wise and relevant business idea, albeit a little retro, by the Netherlands’ based enterprise – especially after Instagram announced earlier this month that it’s the fastest growing social network, having overtaken Twitter with 300m active users worldwide. After all, we spend all of our times connected to our devices. But, when we do have some down-time, it’s good to be connected to the things that matter – our friends, family and anything else that makes it onto the board.

But, I don’t think the idea stops here. Surely, in the not-too-distant-future, brands will be commissioning transfer artwork with embedded QR code capabilities to market themselves, so that we can download information from pictures? Or, use Augmented Reality coding in order to bring new ideas to life? (Insert ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ here).

Just don’t expect to get away with ordering transfers of Australian fashion agency Sticks and Stones’ recent model image. Instagram caused a social media storm this week when it banned a picture of two models leaving very little to the imagination. I won’t go into details about ‘pubegate’ (oh wait, you can probably guess) but you can find out more here.

Let’s hope that this trivial sexism row doesn’t erupt, as there are lots of other inequality issues to tackle this month as it is.

Will you try out an Insta-tat? What image would you want to wear?


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