Five geeky conversation starters to prove to the office you’re more than just a pretty face

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

No truer words were ever spoken than by Ferris Bueller (aka 80s heartthrob Matthew Broderick). Although he was talking about a day off school, it still applies to the jobs we do.

While I was trying to overcome my allergic reaction to Valentine’s Day last weekend, it seems there’s been a number of interesting developments in the PR and digital marketing industries.

Bueller, Bueller, Buller

Here’s Prime Time‘s latest ICYMI round up:

1) Buzzfeed launches first political emoji interview with Australian minister

King of cool content, Buzzfeed, has chatted with Australia’s Foreign Affairs minister Julie Bishop through the medium of emoji. From describing the country’s relationship with America to her plans for Presidency, the icons did all the talking.

Prime Time prediction: Having secured, and triumphed, with a serious interview tackling meaty issues, expect emoticons to play an even bigger role in online journalism for the next few months. Capitalise quickly, this trend will peak and dive as quickly as #NoMakeUpSelfie, before laying ghost to poor imitations.


Julie Bishop is a cat person


2) PR that’s easy to read? I don’t believe it

Tiny PR is revolutionising the press release through its application which neatly packages up headlines, text and images so it can be read in a set way across any device. The best thing? It can all be done via email and no password is required!

Prime Time prediction: Tiny PR will give SMEs – with a marketing department of one (generally the tea lady) – credibility when pitching stories. Larger companies will give it a go and find out their messaging is too complex for it to work, and rather than fixing it, will pretend the app doesn’t exist.

While Tiny PR gains momentum, expect every civilian to be using it to share their latest baby / engagement / hair cut news – assuming your job is easy peasy.

Tiny PR is the next big thing


3) BA employs Oxford University students to lift latest campaign

I’ve got to hand it to airlines. Each one of them is stretching their Marcomms budget – with varying results – to try something different. This time BA has employed Oxford University’s male a capella group, Out of the Blue, to take the stress out of Brits booking their holidays. And, what better way to do this than spoofing Wham’s summer classic ‘Club Tropicana’? It’s already generated 10,000 views to date, thanks to being seeded on BA’s on-board entertainment system, alongside Twitter, Facebook and Instagram activity.

Prime Time prediction: A great novel PR stunt which not only shakes off any stuffy perceptions about BA, but also helps it to engage with a younger audience. If the airline is feeling brave, it’ll change tone completely for its winter campaign. If not, expect the boys to be rolled out again for Wham’s Last Christmas. 


4) The BBC gets served 

After three years, the BBC revamped its mobile homepage last week and, according to James Rosewell from 51 Degrees, it’s fallen foul of some rookie mistakes. From increasing the weight of the homepage by 70% to removing features that allow users to customise the content they want to see, it’s thrown up the question as to whether the BBC will throw in the towel and admit its wrongdoings or try to save face by pressing on with a model that wasn’t seemingly tested on users.

Prime Time prediction: Digital marketeers are already creating a checklist of things not to do, but the BBC aren’t sweating about this, but rather taking the #SorryNotSorry approach. 

BBC's homepage fail


5) Nutella wants to ruin Pancake Day

I had to honour Shrove Tuesday one way or another. The loveable chocolate spread wants a piece of the pie, so it’s positioning itself as ‘the’ perfect accompaniment to pancakes. Working with krow Communications, it’s created an integrated campaign spanning TV, radio, out of home and online advertising, to toss the message far and wide.

Prime Time prediction: It’s always good to dream, but I think Nutella‘s fantasy of wanting ‘Pancake Day without Nutella to feel as unlikely as Christmas without mince pies’ is a little ambitious. Depending on how much was spent on this activation, expect the campaign to be recycled next year – like for like. 

Nutella's taking over Pancake Day


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