‘Even the Pope needs marketing support’ and four other digital updates

Hey, how are you doing? Done much over the past five months?

I’m afraid I wouldn’t know because, unfortunately, I’ve been hiding under my digital marketing desk (pretending to have it all together during the 9-5) and, as a result, I’ve not had / made time for my WordPress whirlpool of escapism – and, for that, I’m truly sorry.

I feel like a baby blogger all over again. So, to help shake off my stabilisers, I’m going to share the top five things I’ve learnt today as I get my head back into the likes of PR Week, The Drum, Campaign Live and JustGiving:

Even The Pope doesn’t have time to do his own comms strategy ⛪️
It’s not just me then. Although, I doubt I’d even match up to the budgets Pope Francis has, which has allowed him to hire Accenture Interactive as the Vatican’s global experience agency.

With the task of streamlining communications, by unifying its outlets to feed through a single, new portal: Vatican News, the team will also be responsible for creating a team that can carry his vision forward.

You have to hand it to Pope Francis who is having no problem paving the way for change, as he recognises that digital is not a choice, but more of a requirement in order to remain relevant. He’s moving quicker than some organisations, which are still attempting to detangle their web of red tape that prevents them from embracing new, cost- efficient processes.

Public Health England (PHE) gets young people emoji-nal with STI prevention campaign
Its first sexual health campaign in eight years, Ogilvy UK and Durex is helping PHE prevent young people from contracting STIs this Christmas – by featuring authentic case studies across Instagram and Snapchat in a unique video format with popular emojis to protect their identity.

With almost half of young people (47%) admitting that they didn’t use a condom the first time they had sex, this raw messaging aims to create a culture shift among Gen X. Take a look for yourself:

Twitter teams with Bloomberg to create TicToc, because time is running out for this platform
TicToc unites the expertise of Bloomberg’s news curation with Twitter’s distribution for a mobile, ‘on the go’ audience.

Through video, data and graphics, users will experience global and breaking news options in ‘snackable’ formats that are updated every hour.

I’ll stick to BBC News notifications for now, and continue to use Twitter for the real value it adds: comedy commentary on the news, thanks to the lists of people I’ve created to stay on track.

Facebook confirms that social media puts us in a bad mood. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it
In a blog post called Hard Questions: Is Spending Time on Social Media Bad For Us?, researchers from the University of Michigan found that people who read the site for 10mins a day are worse off than those who use the platform to interact with friends.

What’s more, other university academics found that those who like twice as many posts than the average user had worse mental health. So, Mark Zuckerberg has pledged do more to support the billions of people who use its site to improve their positivity – including a snooze button to give people the option to avoid updates from individuals for a fixed time. Gee, thanks!

So, now I can avoid my ex’s eye-rolling cousin as she snaps her way through Christmas Day, and Facebook saves me from unfriending. Happy days.

Tony the Tiger gets lonely on the supermarket shelves, so moves onto cereal cafés instead

Tony the Tiger is on a mission.
The word on the latest sales reports is that no one is buying cereal anymore, let alone premium brands like Kellogg’s. But, this 111-year old brand won’t be beaten just yet. In fact, it’s opening a new cereal café in Manhattan, featuring an Instagram station with props to help customers get the best from their soggy cereal shots.

Getting to the heart of the cereal experience, the company aims to create a stronger emotional connection with its customer base – reminding them of why a box, bowl, cereal, spoon and some cold milk is one of the most satisfying meals you can enjoy.

So, there you have it. What’s new with you and your digital innovations?

Flag them to me and they could feature in the next blog post – coming soon. I promise.

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