Domino’s takes to the sky to deliver pizza to customers

Everyone deserves to be able to enjoy a slice of delicious guilt-free pizza once in a while. It’s a weekend ritual and a human right in times of hangovers, laziness and Mother Hubbard’s empty cupboards. 

But, what about those people in the world who are denied this rite of passage because there simply isn’t a pizza place in sight? 

Pizza powerhouse Domino’s has recognised a need to feed the people of Saba and St Eustatius in the Caribbean by teaming up with a local airline to deliver the goods from the mainline.

Jumping on the back of existing Winair flights, people can place orders which are cooked up before departure and picked up from the airport – following a 15-20 minute flight.

Hopefully you’ll agree with me when I say that this is not PR – however genius the stunt is. 

It’s much more. 

This is a company adding real value to consumers by giving them an additional – and previously unavailable – dining option. A type of behaviour-changing feat that every brand and agency wants to aspire to, and achieve. 

Short-term Domino’s has already achieved epic brand exposure through:

  • Novel content for its digital and social media marketing channels – a flutter of mentions and retweets 
  • Credible media coverage – including The Daily Mail, The Voice and Mashable
  • Respectable video views – 10,000+ in one week

Long-term Domino’s will also:

  • Grow its loyal customer base
  • Add to its bottom line through a new and cost-effective business stream
  • Create a successful business model to secure additional partnerships in the future

Since launching at the start of the month, Domino’s has already seen several orders placed each day – which is set to grow as word spreads. 

In kitchen to airport in half an hour, it brings a whole new meaning to its ’30 minutes or free’ policy. 

From the brand that’s already allowed us to order online using emoji to giving away flash cards to educate technophobes, what else is next for this content creator?  

Domino's teams up withh Winair to offer pizza service 

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