Clean & Clear’s new campaign is a beauty

The Spice Girls may have stopped making music, but their ‘Girl Power’ legacy lives on. And, this year, it’s stronger than ever with brands left, right and centre using femvertising to push their messages.

From Always’ #LikeAGirl – a video campaign that was so successful it commanded a sequel – to Sport England’s #ThisGirlCan, they’re appealing to women using real women. 

The campaigns are authentic, credible, and genuine – something women have been crying out for. 

Having to juggle so many personas during the day (daughter, sister, godmother, employee, blogger, event organiser – that’s just me, but more of that later), it’s refreshing not to be ‘sold to’, but to simply be understood.

So, it’s no surprise that skin care company Clean & Clear has followed suit, working with YouTuber Jazz  Jennings, a 14-year-old transgender teen, in its ‘See the Real Me’ campaign.

Declared male at birth, but identified as female shortly after, the video follows Jennings around her daily life as she chats about the challenges she faces at school. 

Jennings’ account is honest, sensitive and hopeful, tying neatly with the campaign’s message – encouraging girls to have the courage to show who they really are, and what makes them unique. 

And, thanks to her existing online presence, the video has generated over 1.5m views in little over a week. 

With talks of Jennings also fronting her own US TV  show, it’ll be interesting to see how Clean & Clear progresses their relationship with the star. 

The video campaign already features a range of ‘real’ women sharing their stories – including singer Demi Lovato – but the brand will miss a trick if it doesn’t sponsor Jennings’ commerical opps.

Besides her talkability, she comes across as a natural advocate for what Clean & Clear wants to achieve. And, once you start a campaign like this – seeking to fuel a culture shift – you can’t put it down. 

Take Dove’s Campaign for Real Women 11-year campaign for example. 

Femvertising is a commitment. 

But, I believe it’s worth it. Which is why I’m working on By Your Side UK, a movement to empower women in South London. Find out more here >> 

 Jazz Jennings and Clean & Clear 

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