Christmas is done – but Quality Street has one last thing to say

Happy New Year Prime Timers! 

It’s that bleak time of year when Christmas decorations have been packed away, gym memberships have been renewed and people are continuously vowing to stay away from the biscuit aisle. 

But, it’s not just consumers who are keeping a low profile this month (until payday at least); brands are too – except for Quality Street.

‘What has Quality Street got to say in January?’ I hear you cry. Traditionally associated with the festive season, this year Nestlé‘s doing one final marketing push with a difference

It’s running an OOH campaign to show the range of ways people use the empty chocolate tins. Because, as we all know, we can’t bring ourselves to throw them away. 

Instead, we find ridiculous uses for them – insight that creative agency JWT has captured perfectly. But, then again, what else did I expect from the group that gave us KitKat’s blank space advertising

What's in your Quality Street tin? 
As the first blog of 2016, you’ll be pleased to know I really like Quality Street’s campaign for three reasons:

  • It shows Nestlé’s boldness in taking ownership of the Christmas holiday – positioning its 80-year-old product as the definitive marker for the first and last day of the festive season
  • By crafting a campaign hinged on the product’s packaging, it’s generating relatable and shareable content at a quiet time of year – standing out from the crowd
  • Asking the direct question – ‘what’s in your tin?’ – prompts off and online conversations, supported by its 15-second looped film, automatically extending the campaign’s reach 

The only downside of the campaign, is, by asking an open question, the brand’s opened itself up to criticism – with many commenting on its Facebook page that they can’t find a suitable use for the tin due to its ever-shrinking size

It’s a shame that the brand isn’t making a conscious effort to address these claims. Perhaps it’s playing the long-game. After all, it has 12 months to persuade these customers to buy, before the campaign starts all overs again. 

Does this campaign resonate with you? What’s in your Quality Street tin? 

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