Chris Rock gives Girl Scouts a seriously sweet PR moment at The Oscars

After deciding to stick with the gig, Chris Rock delivered an epic opening speech at this year’s ‘White People’s Choice Awards’ (aka The Oscars). He addressed the elephant in the room and led the charge for greater diversity in the film industry.

But, people weren’t prepared to hear about another cause close to his heart – The Girl Scouts.

Chris used his moment on the stage to help his daughters’ scout troop sell cookies – even calling out Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlize Theron and Tina Fey to dig deep and buy a box. With scouts then proceeding to walk amongst the audience, it’s no surprise they banked some serious dough on the night. (Although, exactly how much is up for debate.)

 The Girl Scouts were honoured at the Oscars 
But, money aside. The real gold was the repeated PR and social media attention generated by the opportunity. 

According to PR Week, Chris approached the organisation just a couple of weeks before the event to discuss his ideas – probably sending the marketing team in a spin. But, it was all worth it for securing:

  • 24,000+ social media mentions with a reach of 1.3m
  • Celebrity interaction including Jamie Foxx
  • Media write-ups including The New York Times and US Weekly

These are great achievements, in addition to reaching 34.4m viewers watching at home, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Engagement on its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles didn’t break the internet. Perhaps the most effective outcome is the breath of fresh air this activity will have breathed into its social media team?

 Chris Rock helped The Girl Scouts raise money 
The biggest event in Hollywood has provided the Girls Scout PR, marketing and digital teams with more talkability, credibility, creative content and a (temporarily) engaged audience to work with for the rest of the year.  

It’s the decisions it makes now – how will it profile Chris Rock’s daughters’ troop as they use their donations to impact their local community; how will it capitalise on celebrities’ involvement; and how can it turn new followers into fundraisers? – which will dictate whether this was a success or not. 

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