Chill out! BGT and Nando’s accused of getting people hot under the collar

Is it me, or are people losing their nerve? 

After the Britain’s Got Talent grand final on Sunday, Ofcom and ITV started the working week with almost 200 complaints aimed at judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon for their flesh-led wardrobe. 

It was all “Too much cleavage for a family show” and “It’s not appropriate attire pre-Watershed.” Ridiculous!

Unless the 200 viewers who complained happen to have x-ray vision and saw through the desk the judges sat behind throughout most of the show, I’m baffled. 

Not to mention worried that a few of my ‘day’ dresses are now virtually x-rated by comparison. Yikes!

Fashionable female judges leave viewers hot under the collar

But, between the show’s fashion scandal, and Protein World‘s ‘Beach Body Ready‘ marketing campaign being super-sized for Times Square in New York this week, they’re not the only brands ‘putting themselves out there’.   

Restaurant chain Nando’s has been getting people hot under the collar on Twitter, even going so far to suggest it could visit a customer’s house to make things ‘hot’.

Despite deleting the evidence, the customer in question – Elle – shared it with the world in disbelief. 

Now, credit where credit’s due. As soon as Nando’s noticed a negative ripple effect on the Twittersphere it went straight to the press to apologise and set the record straight. 

Now, this is by no means a ‘Madonna‘ epic social media fail. It actually reveals a few golden nuggets about the brand:

  • It doesn’t just get involved with mentions, it looks for conversations and responds 
  • Its brand personality engages with customers and boosts interactions
  • It recognises the power of ‘word of tweet’ and rewards advocates with freebies  
  • My only advice is that Nando’s should lay off the archaic winking face, pronto. 

    That’s what’s really making its tweets offensive.  What do you think?

    Nando's accused of flirting with customers

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