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By Your Side

At Prime Time we’re fully aware that PR is never a case of life or death, but how women are treated across the world sometimes is.

So, we’ve launched a movement called By Your Side – inspired by Emeli Sandé’s song River – for women of all ages to learn, discuss and explore how small changes can make a big difference to the way they feel about themselves, and are perceived on their front lines.

We’ve just hosted our second event and will be planning more in the future to inspire local women with engaging speakers and thought-provoking activities.

From motherhood and marketing to mental health, 2016’s event was supported by: #itaffectsme, HARTS Theatre Company, Bertie and BooYoung Motherhood and Chine McDonald, author of Am I Beautiful?

Why By Your Side matters

By Your Side believes that all women should have the opportunity to think and do the following things without fear, judgement or consequence:

  • I am a strong and independent woman who is able to make and communicate my choices by ‘owning’ my words.
  • I will support the women on my front line by inspiring them with my own experiences to encourage them to stand tall and make a positive difference
  • I believe that making small changes to the way I feel about myself , and supporting the women around me, will have a direct impact on the way women are treated across the world

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