Brands bark for Year of the Dog

Finally a calendar date that truly speaks to me: Year of the Dog, baby!

I haven’t given my friends such a good laugh since the time I told them that my ‘plan B’ is to become a professional dog walker, groomer and hospitality entrepreneur (in that order) because it’d do wonders for my positive wellbeing. Logical, right? Our conversation went a little something like this:

 “How can you have a connection with dogs if you’ve never had your own?”

 “Well, I just smile at them when I’m running through the park and we sort of get each other.”

Cue laughter followed by short, sudden and sharp change of subject.

So, I write this blog, in celebration of Chinese New Year, in ‘plan A’ mode (digital marketing extraordinaire). So, if only to appeal to my penchant for pooches, it seems right that I share with you some of the biggest and best brand takeovers that shine a light on Year of the Dog.


Radley's Year of the Dog capsule collection

Luxury accessories brand Radley doesn’t do things by halves. So, is it really any surprise it’s creating a 10ft tall Scottie dog to celebrate the occasion this Sunday in Covent Garden, in celebration of its latest capsule collection featuring red leather and gold foil fabrics?

Handing out red envelopes containing shopping prizes, consumers are also being encouraged to share photos on social media using the #YearOfTheRadley hashtag for a chance to unlock even more goodies.

Radley’s not the only designer in town cashing in on the festivities. Almost every high-end brand (and their dog) is getting in on the action. Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton have both perfected a pooch collection too. Adorable and fun, the latter’s ‘New Year, New Tricks‘ collection is particularly classic, classy and timeless.


TWG Teas

According to the zodiac, those born this year are deemed to have serious and responsible characteristics. But, it’s not all prosperity and fortune. So, it makes sense to encourage those affected to slow down and have a nice cuppa to take it all in.

TWG Tea has launched its first Haute Couture Tea called The Breakfast Bulldog, which has sweet notes of red berries and caramel; best paired with eggs and bacon (apparently). Starting from $40, it’s definitely an investment.

Giorgio Armani

Armani Beauty Highlighter

It doesn’t hurt to step out the door feeling dog-gone good, does it? Which is why Armani Beauty has launched a limited edition Chinese New Year highlighter powder palette to mark the festive year of love and light.

Drawing upon the fact that dogs represent the best traits of human nature (steady now!) – loyalty, honesty and sociability – this dog embossed nude powder will empower you to face the day.

It’s great to see so many high-end labels take this calendar opportunity seriously, linked to a healthy and prosperous Asian market. Making bespoke collections is one thing, but choosing to invest in marketing campaigns and assets makes these examples really stand out.

What was your favourite Year of the Dog PR stunt? Leave a comment or tweet me on @dmhwhite.

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