Airbnb positively invests in Trump’s outrageous remarks

If you weren’t impressed by Airbnb’s 2017 Super Bowl advertising spot, which demonstrated clear solidarity (and if not, why not?), then you should be ‘bowled over’ by its quick reactive PR and marketing stunt to further promote worldwide acceptance off the back of Trump’s recent distasteful and disgusting remarks about some American, Caribbean and African nations.


Why? Because Airbnb is investing $100,000+ on digital advertising to showcase the wonderful homes, communities and attractions El Salvador, Haiti, Kenya and Ghana have to offer – countries that have accounted for over 2.7m guests, staying in more than 75,000 rental properties, of which generated $170m in revenue last year.

It’s a beautiful piece of reactive digital marketing that shows once again why this innovative brand is not afraid to stick its stake in the ground and get political. After all, its #WeAccept Super Bowl ad spot was a direct response to the President’s travel ban – which saw tens of thousands of people affected.


So, when the s!*+ hits the fan, Airbnb felt that the only option was to go above and beyond to recognise these areas as ‘go-to destinations’.

It’s a bold approach that will not only denote these beautiful places to a global audience (via media channels such as the Washington Post and CNN), but also champion the communities that live there; empowering them to feel proud. Something everyone should have the right to experience.

“We heard there’s been some expletive-filled interest in these beautiful destinations” is the copy that will spearhead the campaign, while using glorious imagery of some properties. A few have already been cherry-picked by Airbnb’s chief executive Brian Chesky; suggesting that this is a top-down initiative which only adds to the authenticity of the project.

 A stance such as this can only blur, tarnish and weaken Trump’s (meaningless) soundbite. No, it won’t change his thoughts or impact his position. But, it will help restore the balance that the world is desperate to see.

He is one man. He does not speak for the majority. He does not speak for me. We will enjoy our world and the wonders it has to offer – by renting a unique nearby home or otherwise.

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